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JustSlots – tasked with becoming the internet’s number one resource for online video slots

Here at JustSlots we have just one goal in mind, and that’s to become the number one resource for the number one most popular activity at any online casino – video slots.

We do that by hiring only the biggest and brightest online video slots gurus in the entire slotting universe. What they do not know about online slots is just not worth knowing. We regularly test them on their slotting knowledge and if they get one single question wrong, then they are out of the door!

JustSlots is created by jamming all these big slots brains together and sending what comes out over to you, our precious online video slots players.

Fuelled by ten of the brightest and hottest slots reviewers around

Our people know slots inside out. They’ve gone on more quests than Gonzo; they’ve burst more stars than NetEnt and they can work out all the winning ways on a MegaWays slot without even using a calculator. All our reviewers are online video slots players themselves and know which games are simply the GOAT, and which are the best sites at which to partake of their slotting goodness.

We could have gone for a dirty dozen, or a super sexy seven, but we went right out and hired or press-ganged the ten most knowledgeable online slots and online casino site reviewers available from all four corners of the globe. They all work hard for you, so you can find out about the best online slots, games, online casinos bonuses without even breaking sweat.

Our team has been hand-picked to bring you the best slots experience possible

Of course it’s not just words – no matter how enlightening they are – that make a site. We’ve hired the best coders, top design nerds plus the most brain-crunching statistical and analytical experts out there to make your entire experience at JustSlots as valuable as possible. Our site is fast to load, easy to navigate and you will never get stuck in a dreaded, unbreakable broken links loop.

We’re at the forefront of the ever-changing world of online slots and online casinos, and it’s a position we have held since 2015. If you ever need to know anything about playing the latest and best online video slots, then here is the place that you need to be.

Don’t try anything shifty, as we ain’t for sale!

We want to give all our site users the best online slots and online casino experience possible, which means we are only interested in honest and fair appraisals of the latest online slots games and the newest online casinos at which you can play them.

We want our people to feel all warm, cuddly and safe when playing online slots, so if we find games that are not all that they claim to be, or online casino sites that exploit their players or treat them unfairly, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Forget all this bluster and register one simple fact – JustSlots is your number one resource for online video slots and the online casinos at which you can play them, period.

Online Video Slots FAQs

Q. How do you evaluate online casinos?

A. By a number of criteria:

  • Safety and security
  • Games and software providers available
  • Bonuses and the fairness of them
  • The mobile casino experience
  • Payment methods and payment processing times
  • Customer support effectiveness

Our slotting gurus evaluate each in turn, round it all up, write it all up and share their findings with you via our online slots and casino resource site.

Q. Surely the best sites are those with the biggest bonuses?

A. It ain’t necessarily so! Some bonuses may look good on paper (as it were) but when you look at the associated T&Cs, they are as good as worthless. Read our casino reviews to see which bonuses are fair, and which casinos offer the most entertaining experiences.

Q. What does ‘RTP’ mean?

A. RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’. It the expected amount of each stake that will be returned to the player – on average – on one spin. For example if a slot has an RTP of 97 percent that means, that for each £1 stake £0.97 will, on average, be returned to the player. This is the average across a number of spins.

Q. What’s a progressive jackpot?

A. A slot with a progressive jackpot is one where each player playing the slot across multiple online casinos adds a small percentage of their stake to a rolling jackpot. The jackpot builds and builds until someone wins it. Some progressive jackpot cans climb to totals in excess of £1 million!

Q. How can I be sure that a slot is truly random?

A. Slots at licenced online casino HAVE to be random, and the company making the slots HAS to prove that it is random. This is done via an independent ratification process. If you only play at licenced casinos then you can guarantee that the slots there are fair and random.