Comprehensive List of Games Warehouse Slots Sites

You may be tricked into thinking that with a name like Games Warehouse, you’d be dealing with an online casino software company that has so many games that they are difficult to count – they have to keep their games in a warehouse, after all.

Nothing though could be further from the truth. Games Warehouse are one of the smaller wagering software producers around and are very much second-tier (or even third) when compared to the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. The company though has still managed to create some thoroughly decent titles, as you will surely discover if you keep on reading.

Games Warehouse in Brief:

  • Founded: 2015 (as GW Games)
  • Based: Derby, UK.
  • Number of Games: 27
  • Most popular games: Birdz, Quantum, Cash Commander.

Who are Games Warehouse?

When we talk about Games Warehouse in an online casino sense, we are actually talking about their offshoot GW Games which was established in 2015. Games Warehouse themselves have been around since 1999 and in the UK are most known for the creation of cabinet-based SWP games. These are games where you use your skills to win prizes, which is why they are called ‘skills win prizes’ games, or SWP for short. Many pubs around the UK host Games Warehouse cabinets, and if you’ve ever played on a quiz machine in a UK pub, then you’ve probably played on a Games Warehouse game.

As well as SWP cabinets Games Warehouse make video slots cabinets too, which of course can also be found in pubs all over the UK. Usually such slots can be found among the options hosted upon a Games Warehouse cabinet.

What Makes Games Warehouse Unique?

There are only a few companies that mix online and real-world in the manner of Games Warehouse, and most of those can be found in the USA (IGT are the main example of this, but there was WMS too before they were swallowed up by SG Digital). Games Warehouse – via GW Games – are a rare example of the same thing, although Blueprint Gaming must be regarded as the industry leaders within this field.

The differences between Games Warehouse games and GW Games can be a little bit confusing too. For example, the game ‘Birdz’ on a Games Warehouse cabinet is a money-winning, symbol-swapping puzzle game. On the GW Games platform ‘Birdz’ is an online slot. Those with a cynical head may claim that this is simply a case of Games Warehouse/GW Games re-using the same graphics to make two different games, but we could not possibly comment on that.

What Could Games Warehouse Do Better?

There has been some promise shown by Games Warehouse and GW Games in many of their releases, and in particular by Games Warehouse when it comes to their SWP releases. In the UK you can play versions of the popular game shows Pointless and Deal or No Deal via a Games Warehouse cabinet. You cannot play versions of these games online with GW Games as other software providers have priority licensing deals when it comes to playing online.

This promise though has not really expanded into a steady stream of online slot releases, and indeed GW Games could in some ways be described as an after-thought of Games Warehouse who seem to want to concentrate more on their SWP cabinets.

We hope this situation will change in the near future and we’ll soon be discussing the many great GW Games titles.

Three of the Best – Games Warehouse Games


Birdz Slot Review

As we mentioned above, this version of Birdz was the slot version of the SWP puzzle swap game from Games Warehouse, being one of GW Games’ first releases in 2015.

With this game the reels are ‘replaced’ by telegraph wires, which then a flock of birds flutter down upon with each ‘spin’.

This is also a cascade slot where winning birds fly off with new feathered friends arriving to take their place. This game also had a number of bonus features, including the Scarecrow feature where all the birds are scared off of the reels.


Quantum Online Slot

We’ve selected Quantum as one of Games Warehouse’s best games purely because of the way it looks and sounds.

This futuristic game has a non-lit feel and flashing symbols. It also has a very nice soundtrack with a well-written electric groove that fits in supremely well with the game.

The gameplay will hardly have you scratching your head, though.

This title has five reels and three rows, plus the usual wilds and scatters. Multipliers can be activated by collecting bonus symbols.

Cash Commander

Cash Commander Online Slot

Cash Commander allows you to do two things that would meet the ambitions of many an online slots player – win a sizable chunk of cash and complete world domination!

As you play this 5×3 reel military-themed slot you collect XP to rank up. You start as a cadet and your next step is to reach the rank of private. Each time you rank up you gain a tool designed to help you with the bonus game, which looks uncannily like a version of a well-known board game.

We would reveal which board game we think GW Games has borrowed from, but we are not prepared to take the risk!


Q. What are Games Warehouse’s tournaments?

A. They are slots and games tournaments run via the slots cabinets that they provide. They are generally unavailable online.

Q. Can I play Games Warehouse’s ‘skill with prizes’ games online?

A. No. Such games are banned online in the UK. Wagering games available online can only be run by random number generators. It would also be easy if playing online to ‘fix’ such games so you could win more money, too.

Q. How many games do Games Warehouse produce per year?

A. Usually about three or four, although for obvious reasons 2020 has not been a productive year for them.

The Bottom Line

Games Warehouse seems to be content at being where it currently stands. The company is no doubt doing well with its SWP releases which remain popular in pubs and elsewhere all over the UK, so seems content to release the odd online slot via GW Games as opposed to making that the focus of their company.

SWP cabinets have been around in the UK for at least thirty years so it’s hard to see the popularity of them waning. What would a night out at the pub be without seeing a gaggle of guys around a quiz arguing about which Neville played the most times for England, Gary, Phil or Tracey? It’s hard to see Games Warehouse leaving their SWP cabinets behind and choosing to concentrate purely on their GW Games online slots. Oh, and it’s Gary (84) over Tracey (81) and Phil (59).